Ormerod Entries in Alumni Oxonienses


Alumni Oxonienses records the members of the University of Oxford, 1500-1714 : their parentage, birthplace, and year of birth, with a record of their degrees - alphabetically arranged, revised and annotated by Joseph Foster.

The Ormerod entries are as follows:

"Ormerod, George, of Co. Lancashire, pleb. BRASENOSE COLL., matric. 16 June,  1610., aged 17; B.A. 3 Feb., 1613-14, M.A. 5 July, 1616, vicar of East Markham, Notts, 1618. See Foster's Index Eccl.

Ormerod, John, s. Roger, of Lancashire, husbandman, sizar of ST. JOHN'S COLL., Cambridge, 30 April, 1656, aged 17; B.A. 1659-60; incorporated as M.A. 14 July, 1663., vicar of Burton, Westmorland,  1664. See Foster's Index Eccl. & Mayor, 126.

Ormerod, Peter, s. Peter, of Burnley, co. Lancaster, pleb. BRASENOSE COLL., matric. 6 July, 1638, aged 18; B.A. 19 Nov., 1642, M.A. 12 July, 1645, vicar of Stoke, Kent, 1664. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus."