Altham Parish Registers (1596-1695)


Entries for Waddingtons and Ormerods from the Altham Parish Registers (1596-1695).

Altham is situated about four and a half miles due west of Burnley and about three miles almost due north of Accrington.

The Church was founded by Hugh, son of Leofwin, with the consent of Geffry, Dean of Whalley, towards the end of the reign of Henry II or early in that of Richard I.

The following information was taken from The Registers of the Parish Church of Altham in the County of Lancaster Baptisms, Burials and Marriages 1596-1695.

Transcribed by Henry Brierley.



Anne Ormerode d. of George of Huncote 2 Febr: 1637
George s. of John Ormerod de Huncote 18 Februarye 1620
Geo: s. of Richard Ormerod of Ackrington 21 September 1693
Margaret d. of Richard Ormerod of Ackrington 19 Feb: 1694



Robert Holden Ann Ormerod both of Ackrington 29 June 1685
George Ormerode Anne Haworth 30 Maij 1637
Peter Oormrod and Mary Ingham 25 Oct. 1671 (From Episcopal Transcripts)
Richard Ormerod Margaret Gibson both of Ackrington 2 June 1692



Jennett vxor Johis Ormerode de Huncott 7 Octobris 1614
John s. of John Ormerod 16 June 1630
John Ormeroide of Huncoate 12 January 1634
Roger Ormryd of Huncote 22 November 1651
Mary w. of Jo. Ormrod Curat of Altham 28 Jan. 1662
Jane w. of Jon Ormerod of Huncote 15 Nov. 1664
Jenet d. of Roger Ormerod of Huncote 22 Jun. 1665
George s. of Antoni Ormroyed of Acrington 9 Apr. 1666
John s. of Anthony Ormerod de Ackrington 24 April 1678
Margret d. of Richard Ormerod of Ackrington 25 December 1695



Elizabeth fa. Guilielmi Waddington de Althā 31 Marcij 1603
Elizabetha Waddington fa. Gulielmi Waddington de Altham 8 Februarij 1605
An Waddington fa. Willmi Waddington de Altham 9 Julij 1609
Nicholaus Waddinton f. Willmi de Altham 25 Januarij 1614
Robert s. of William Waddington 24 February 1621
Martha d. of William Waddington 25 Aprill 1625
Jeremie Waddington s. of John of Altham 16 Aprill 1638
Robert Waddington s. of John of Altham 24 Maij 1640
Anne Waddington d. of John of Altham 17 Julij 1642



Nicolaus Waddinton Letis 29 Februarie 1613
Richard Jackson Anne Waddington 18 Maij 1629



Lettis vxor Nicholaus Waddinton de Clayton 24 Septembris 1614
Grece w. of Nicholas Waddington 17 Aprill 1622
Nicholas Waddington 30 Julij 1623
Ranalde Waddington 7 February 1625
vxor William Waddington 30 October 1637
Elizabetha fa. Guilihelmi Waddington 15 Aprilis 1635
William Waddington 29 Aprill 1635
Henry Waddington of Huncoate 5 Aprill 1635
Ann Waddington d. of John Waddington of Altham 19 Nov. 1667
Margret w. of Willm Waddington 23 Aprill 1675
Isabell w. of Will: Waddington de Clayton 25 May 1680
(The Rev. Thomas Jolly wrote in his notebook in 1680: "In the 3rd month [1680] that precious soul sister Isabell Waddington departed, whom the Lord had guided and helped by his word and spirit through extraordinary troubles in an extraordinary manner. Shee dyed hopefully and comfortably."
The Altham and Wymondhouses Church Book for 1680 has the entry: "Isabel Waddington died comfortably; text at her funeral, Psalm 119, verse 92.")
John Waddington of Altham 5 November 1685
Jennet Waddington of Harwood widdow 10 Jan: 1688