Heptonstall Parish Registers (1593-1660)


Entries for Ormerods from the Parish Registers of Heptonstall 1593-1660.

There are no Waddington entries in the registers.

The information below was taken from The Parish Registers of Heptonstall in the County of York, Vol. I 1593-1660 - containing:

Baptisms 8 July 1599 – 23 September 1660

2 January 1593 – 22 September 1653
14 January 1657 – 28 August 1660

Burials 12 January 1593 – 16 September 1653

Edited and indexed by Edith Horsfall, B.A.

Printed privately for the Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 1925.


Heptonstall is in the West Riding of Yorkshire and about 8˝ miles west of Halifax. The Parish of Heptonstall was one of the two ancient chapelries of the Parish of Halifax; the other chapelry was Elland. The Chapelry of Heptonstall contained the townships of Heptonstall, Stansfield, Wadsworth, Langfield and Erringden.

Erringden was originally part of Sowerby, but was staked out as a "park" by the Earls of Warren. When it was dispaled in 1449, it was included in the Chapelry of Heptonstall, although it was surrounded by the Township of Sowerby. The narrow strip of Sowerby Township, known at one time as the Sowerby "Ramble", ran from Mytholmroyd to a point on Erringden Moor 550 yards distant nearly due east of Stoodley Pike and pershaps extended further south. It was bounded on the north by the River Calder and on the west by the stream in Stoodley Glen.


In the following records Stan. = Stansfield

The fourth column of the Baptisms table relates to the parents of the child named.



1600 Apr. 20 Jh'es fil. Robert Ormesroyd Stan.
1601 Nov. 15 Susā fil. John Ormesroyd de Stan.
1607 Oct. 18 Peter fil. Peter Ormesroyd Stan.
1616 June 19 Robert Peter Ormroyd Stan.
1619 Oct. 31 John fil. Peter Ormateroyd Stan.
1621 July 29 John fill. Peter Ormroyde Stan.
1623 May 4 Ann fill. Rob’t Ormroyde Stan.
1624 May 17 Peter fil. Rob’t Ormroyde Stan.
1624 Jan. 9 Elizabethe fill. Peter Ormroyde Stan.
1626 Apr. 16 Elizabethe fill. Robert Ormroyde Stan.
1627 Feb. 24 Paul Rob’t Ormroyde Stan.
1628 June 22 Peter Peter Ormroyde Stan.
1629 Nov. 13 b. Marie John Ormroide & Elizabeth Shepheard
1630 May 9 Mary Peter Ormroide Stan.
1632 July 8 John fil. Rob’t Ormerroyd de Stan.
1634 Aug. 31 Grace fil. Petter Orrmeroyd de Stan.
1638 Aug. 5 Abraham Petter Ormerroide de Stan.
1644 Dec. 29 ... fil. Ambrosij Ormerod [?] de Stan



1607 Apr. 28 James Smythe & Grac Ormesroyd
1608 Nov. 22 Ric. Horsfall & Grace Ormesroyd
1615 July 16 Peter Ormeroyde Elizabeth Crosleye
1620 Oct. 3 James Earnshaw & Elizabeth Ormroyde
1621 Dec. 16 Robert Ormroyde & Saphira Wodd



1594 Feb. 24 Ux. Petri Ormesroyd de Stan.
1601 Mar. 1 Joh’es Ormesroyd de Stan.
1604 Jan. 30 Rob’tus Ormesroyd de Stan.
1607 Nov. 25 Sara Ormesroyd de Stan.
1620 Sept. 2 John Ormroyde Stan.
1630 Apr. 30 John Ormroide Stan.
1633 Nov. ? Uxer Rob’t Ormroyd (Part of entry cut off)
1648 Oct. 13 Elizabetha Ormeroyd de Stan.
1651 Sept. 5 Mary Ormroyde of Rake in Stan.