Rochdale Parish Registers (1582-1801)


The church of Rochdale dates from the Twelfth Century, and was originally a dependency of Whalley Abbey. The original Parish of Rochdale was one of the largest in the Hundred of Salford. It was anciently divided into four divisions - Hundersfield, Spotland, Castleton and Butterworth; and into contained the villages Todmorden, Milnrow, Littleborough and Whitworth, and within its ecclesiastical jurisdiction was also the Chapelry of Saddleworth.

Although there were chapels in all these villages in the Sixteenth Century, as Rochdale was the mother church, the early registers there contain the only existing records for that period of the baptisms, marriages and funerals in the entire Parish.


The information below is taken from four separate volumes:

The Registers of the Parish Church of Rochdale in the County of Lancaster, from October 1581 to March 1616

Edited by Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. Author of The History of Goosnargh, The History of Kirkham, The Lancashire Library, etc., etc. Printed by James Clegg, 10 Milnrow Road, Rochdale, MDCCCLXXXVIII.


The Registers of the Parish Church of Rochdale in the County of Lancaster, from October 1581 to March 1616

Edited by Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. Author of The History of Goosnargh, The History of Kirkham, The Lancashire Library, etc., etc. Printed by James Clegg, 10 Milnrow Road, Rochdale, MDCCCLXXXIX.


The Registers of the Parish Church of Rochdale in the County of Lancaster, 1642-1700

Transcribed and indexed by Henry Brierley, LL.D. Printed for the Lancashire Parish Register Society, by Strowger and Son, Ltd., 1921.


The Marriage Registers of the Parish Church of Rochdale 1701-1801

Transcribed by Henry Brierley, B.A., LL.D.

Printed for the Lancashire Parish Register Society by W. Lewis at the Cambridge University Press and Messrs Seed & Co. Ltd., 53 Guildhall Street, Preston, 1924.

All marriages are after Banns unless "L:" (Licence) is appended.

"P:" signifies Parish where the parties are not of Rochdale Parish, and "W." signifies Witness.



Marie filia Lawrencii Ormerode 27 September 1629
Laurence filius Laurencii Ormerode 21 June 1630
Richard filius Laurencii Ormerode 29 Januarie 1631
Elizabeth filia Lawr: Ormerode 26 July 1635
Abell filius Lawrence Ormerode 17 June 1638
Isabell filia Georgii Ormerode et Margrett ... illegitimate 30 March 1634
James f. James Ormrod 13 August 1648
Lawrance f. Richard Ormerodd 15 October 1665
Mary fa. Richard Ormerrod Woodhous 19 Aprill 1668
Ann fa. Richard Ormerrodd Woodhous 12 December 1669
Richard f. Richard Oremerod Woodhouse Lane 8 September 1672



Laurence Ormerode cum ffrancisca Radcliffe 3 October 1634
John Ashworth cum Elizabetha Ormerode 30 Januarie 1636
John Hamer Elizabeth Ormarrod 14 June 1663
Richard Ormerrod Ann Grene L: 1 July 1664
Henry Anna Ormerood 3 October 1664
James Kershaw Ann Ormerodd 25 June 1667
John Hargreaves Lettes Ormarrodd of Whaley 4 August 1668
Samuel Milne Jane Ormerrodd L: 20 November 1669
Richard Ormerrodd Mary Smethorst L: 12 August 1673
James Wolfenden Jenney Ormerrodd 3 November 1681
Peter Ormerod Mary Hellewell L: 18 May 1702
Abraham Roads Agnes Ormorod 27 February 1708
David Hardman Mary Ormerod 6 January 1719
Joshua Hoyle Elizabeth Ormerod Rossendale 26 December 1721
Robert Low Elizabeth Ormerod 7 November 1728
Jonathan Files Alice Ormerod L: 4 Aug 1737
Isaac Smith Ann Ormerod L: 27 Dec 1737
Nickolus Fielden Ann Ormerod 21 Nov 1738
Oliver Ormeroid Whalley p: Alice Hoyle L: Mr Bolton 20 Sep 1739
William Ormerod Burnley p: Sarah Lord L: Mr B: 10 Feb 1742
Samuel Jackson Grace Ormerod 2 Aug 1743
Samuel Standring Mary Ormerod 27 Nov 1743
James Unsworth Betty Ormerod 25 Dec 1744
Oliver Ormerod Mary Worrall 2 May 1748
Abram Lord Ann Ormerod 1 May 1750
Peter Ormerod Margt Parkington 22 Oct 1751
James Bamford Mary Ormerod W. Joshua Chadwick 20 July 1755
James Grindrod Mary Ormerod W. Jas Byrom 14 Nov 1758
Thomas Woodhead Margaret Ormerod W. Jno: Nuttall 8 July 1759
John Ormerod Sarah Howorth W. John Rigby Jas: Holt 14 Ap 1761
John Ormerod Mally Holt W. Jas Stott 24 May 1763
James Hawkerd Peggy OrmeroD W. John Wrenshaw Jos Hokerd 5 July 1774
Peter Ormerod Mary Ogden 30 Jan 1775
Lawrence Lord Ann Ormerod both Shawford W. Sam Whipp 26 Dec 1776
Thomas Greenlees Sarah Ormerod W. Robt Rodick Richd Jones 12 July 1779
Henry Ormrod, Heslenden Chapelry Mary Elton L: W. Jas Clegg 19 May 1783
Thomas Ormerod Martha Milln W. Jas Wyld 28 Dec 1786
Abraham Kershaw Jenny Ormerod W. Jas Stansfield 22 April 1787

Richard Tunnadine junr Manchester p: Margaret Ormerod L: W. Hen: Ormerod John & Ann Ormerod Rt Crowther jun:

12 May 1790
James Ormerod Betty Whitaker W. Wm Roberts 14 Sep 1790
John Ormerod Mary Kershaw W. John Ormirod [sic] 4 November 1792
Robert Maden Hannah Ormerod W. Jas Howard 23 June 1793
John Bury Jenny Ormerod 21 April 1794
James Ormerod Ann Rigg W. James Wolfenden 6 September 1795
Henry Ormerod M.D. Ann Leech, Spotland Bridge L: W. Thos Leech John Fildes 21 Sep 1796
John Radcliffe, Soyland Betty Ormerod L: Casson Fold W. Jas Unsworth 3 Sep 1799
John Ormerod, Todmorden Edge Hannah Ingham, Makin Place Halifax p: L: W. Jas Ingham 5 March 1801



Vx George Ormerode 5 September 1592
Vx Laurence Ormerode 26 Aprill 1632
A child of George Ormerode 14 Julie 1634
A child of Abra: Ormrood 7 January 1648
A child of Abraham Ormerood [?] 5 Maie 1649



John Dearden Ann Mills W. Rt Marriott Peter Ormerod R: Ingham 1 Sep 1757
Edmund Piccop Mary Lord W. Jas Lord Lawee Ormerod jun: 15 May 1759
Charles Stott Jane Brearley W. Jno Ormerod 23 Nov 1763
John Roundell Mary Kershaw W. Jno Ormerod 19 Feb 1765
Thomas Fildes Mary Beswicke L: W. Sally Halliwell Mary Stott Joseph Ormerod Isaac Smith 23 July 1765
John Ormerod Frances Hilton W. John Gorell 21 Dec 1775
Thomas Holt, Blackwater Susan Bolton, Toad Lane W. George Ormerod 5 Oct 1778
Abraham Barker Halifax p: Mattey Millns L: W. Jas Millne Abram Ormerod Betty Whithead 16 April 1785
John Stott Martha Stott L: W. Eliz: Haigh Thos Ormerod 11 Aug 1789
Richard Milne Phebe Gore L: W. John Ormerod Thos Gore Sam Milne 10 Sep 1789
Edmund Wild Sarah Stott W. Wm Ormerod [?] 6 March 1791
Edmund Wild Jane Butterworth W. John Ormerod 4 November 1792
Thomas Kershaw Mary Simpson W. John Ormerod 4 November 1792
George Robinshaw Betty Woolfenden both Healey W. John Ormerod 1 April 1793
John Ashworth Betty Turner W. James Ormerod 5 November 1793
John Taylor of Whitworth Alice Wilcock of Hazle Wragby p: Yorkshire L: W. Geo: Taylor John Ormerod John Hey 14 April 1796
Jeremiah Meanley Ann Lomax, Horsecroft L: W. John Ormerod Jas Taylor 23 Nov 1797
Richard Lomax, Horsecroft Mary Meanley L: W. John Ormerod Jas Taylor 23 Nov 1797
Daniel Eastwood, Ewood Mary Heap, Todmorden Edge L: W. Hannah, John & Mary Ormerod 23 Jan 1800
John Hardman, Broadley Betty Leach, Whitworth L: W. Jas Ormerod 25 Dec 1800
William Hartley Elizabeth Auston both Whitworth W. Jas Ormerod 9 Feb 1801



James Waddington Mary Dutton both Healey W. Richd Simpson 20 December 1778
John Harwood Mary Waddington both Whitworth W. Robert Shepherd 8 July 1781
James Tweedale Betty Waddington W. Rd Brown 16 June 1788