Todmorden Parish Registers (1666-1812)


Entries for Waddingtons and Ormerods from the Register of Todmorden 1666-1812.

The following information was taken from The Register of Todmorden 1666-1780 and The Register of Todmorden 1781-1812.

Transcribed and edited by Douglas Wilson M.A. (Oxon.) and Keith Fielden C.Eng., M.I.Chem.E.

Based on a transcript by Henry Brierley.



B.T. Bishop's Transcript
By. Burnley
Cliv. Cliviger
d. daughter of
Hep. Heptonstall
h. w. his wife
L. Langfield
Lb. Littleborough
NXN No Christian name
P. Parish
S. Stansfield
s. son of
T. Todmorden
x indicates the party to the marriage did not sign his/her name
W. Witness(es)
[ ] refer to B.T.



1740 May 29 Richard Waddington, Quaker



1700 Mar. 9 Abraham s. Abraham Ormoroyd, Bridgend b. 13 Feb.
1704 [July 30 Mary d. Abraham Ormerod]
1708 June 20 Henry s. Abraham Ormroyed, Bownbirks.
1711 Feb. 26 Grace d. Abraham Ormorod at Brownbirks, By. P.
1713 Sept.20  Peter s. Nathan Ormorod, High Yate, Brownbirks.
1714 Mar. 13 [Feb. 13] Robert s. Abraham Ormerod, Brownbirks.
1717 June 30 Sarah d. Nathan Ormorod, Highyate (not in B.T.)
1718 Nov. 23 James s. John Ormerod
1719 May 2 John s. Abraham Ormorod (not in B.T.)
1727 Feb. 11 Mary, d. John Ormoroyd & Elizabeth h. w.
1742 Oct. 9 Elizabeth d. Abraham Ormorod S.
1749 Dec. 10 Abraham s. Robert Ormoryd, Brownbirks.
1782 Feb. 24  John s. Henry & Ann Ormrod, T.
Nov. 10 Abraham s. Abraham & Sally Ormerod, T.
1783 Jan. 4 Alice d. Henry & Mary Ormerod, S.
Jan. 19 Ormerod, s. James & Nancy Marshall, Genralwood, W.
1784 Mar. 1 Betty d. Henry & Mary Ormerod, S.
Aug. 28 William, s. Henry & Ann Ormerod, T.
1785 Jun. 5 Mally b.d.. Ann Smith sup. b.d. [Robert] Ormerod, both Cliv.
Dec. 8 Abram s. Abram & Sally Ormerod, T.
1786 Mar. 9  Mary d. Abraham & Sarah [Ormerod, Cliv.]
1787 Jun. 13 Abraham s. Henry & Ann Ormrod, T.
1789 Feb. 10  James s. John & Ann Ormerod, Shore
Oct. 19  James s. John & Ann Ormerod, Shore
Nov. 22 Mary d. Henry & Ann Ormrod, T.
1790 Dec. 5 Sarah, d. Abm. & Susan Ormrod, Cliv.
1791 Mar. 27 James b.s. Betty Ormrod, sup. b.s. Wm. Crossley, both Cliv.
1792 Jul. 16 Henry s. Henry & Ann Ormrod, T.
Dec. 25 John s. Abm. Ormrod, Cliv.
1795 [Jan. 5 Sally d. Abraham & Sarah Ormrod, Cliv.] (found in the B.T. only]
May 12 Hannah d. Henry & Ann Ormrod, Crosslee
May 29 Grace d. Abm. & Sally Ormrod, T. [Todmorden Edge]
1797 Dec. 28 Peter s. Abm. & Sarah Ormrod, Cliv.
1801 Jun. 5 Sally d. John & Hannah Ormrod, Todmorden Edge
1802 Dec. 8 Alice d. John & Hannah Ormrod, T.
1805 Jan. 3 Abram s. John & Hannah Ormrod, Todmorden Edge
Oct. 29  Jimmy b.s. Betty Ormrod by John Butterworth
1807 Mar. 22 Alice d. Abraham & Mary Ormrod, Scaitcliff
1810 Feb. 8 John s. William & Sally Ormerod, Scaitcliff
Feb. 8 Robert s. William & Sally Ormerod, Scaitcliff
Apr. 23 John s. John & Hannah Ormerod, Lineholme
1812 Aug. 1 Peter s. John & Hannah Ormerod, Todmorden Edge
Sep. 21 Alice b.d. Alice Ormrod by John Crossley, Bulls Head Cliviger



1680 May 8 Johes Heworth & Dinah Ormroyd
1719 Jan. 28 John Crowther & Mary Ormorod
1727 [May 2] John Ormeroyd & Elizabeth Fielden
1728 (from B.T) Aug. 6 Thomas Holt & Mary Ormoroyd
1733 Feb. 25 John Crosley & Judith Ormerod
1735 May 22 James Collinge & Mary Ormerod
1739 Oct. 4 Thomas Meadowcroft & Betty Ormerod
1749 Mar. James Mills, Lb. & Mary Ormoryd, L.
1761 Aug. 24

Isaac Dawson & Mary Ormerod, x, Tilly Close outside this parish. Banns published at Newchurch in Pendle. Wit. Joseph Dawson, George Witham

1774 June 21 John Crowther, x & Sarah Woodhead, x, Wit. Abram Ormerod, Luke Law
1776 Nov. 21 Richard Stansfield, x & Susan Law, x, Wit. Abrah Ormerod, John Hoult
1777 Jan. 7 Abram Ormerod & Sarah Barker, x, Hep., Wit. Henry Ormerod, Luke Law
July 15 Abram Jackson & Betty Law, x, Wit. Abram Ormerod, John Hoult
1781 Sep. 9 John x Wild and Betty x Farrar, btp. Wit: Abram Ormerod, John Shackleton
1783 Sep. 30 Elias Crowther and Mary Ormerod, btp. Wit: William Eastwood, James Marshall
1790 May 11 Charles Lord, Hep. And Alice x Ormerod, tp., lic. Wit: John Lord, John Unsworth, Charles Lord
1792 Oct. 9 John Heap, S. and Mary x Ormerod, T. Wit: George Stell, Abraham Ormerod
1794 Jun. 2 Abraham Ormerod and Ann x Pickles, btp. Wit: Robert Whitaker, Mary Scholfield, Ann x Crossley
1800 Mar. 25 George Ormerod and Sarah x Verity, btp. Wit: John Bridge, John Shackleton
1801 Sep. 17  James Joseph Haigh Taylor, tp. and Ann Crossley, Todmorden Hall, tp., lic. Wit: James Taylor, John Ormerod, John Crossley, Henry Lord
1807 Oct. 22 John Cooper & Hannah Thomas, btp., lic. Wit: James Greenwood, Abraham Ormerod, Robert Saville Kay
1808 Apr. 15 John x Shackleton & Betty x Ormerod, btp. Wit: Samuel Johnson, John Shackleton
1811 Jul. 7 Thomas Ormerod & Martha Taylor, btp. Wit: John Ormerod, Daniel Eastwood
Aug. 12 John Taylor & Betty x Butterworth, btp. Wit: James Bamford, Thomas Ormerod



1774 Nov. 29 John Olmrod, T.
1784 Oct. 7 Abraham s. Abraham & Sally Ormerod, T.
1809 May 2 Sally w. Abram Ormrod, Todmorden Edge
1810 Aug. 22 John of John & NXN Ormerod, Todmorden Edge (not in B.T.)