The Ormerods of Littehouse in Gambleside

Lawrence Heyworth [Parents] 1.Lawrence married Elizabeth Aked. His occupation was described as Member of Parliament.

Elizabeth Aked 1.Elizabeth married Lawrence Heyworth.

They had the following children:

  F i Lawrencina Heyworth

James Heyworth [Parents] 1.James married Ann Ormerod.

Ann Ormerod [Parents] 1.Ann married James Heyworth.

George Ormerod [Parents] 1.George married Living.



Charlotte Ormerod [Parents] 1.Charlotte married Living.

George Ormerod [Parents] 1 was born 2 in 1749. He died 3 about 1816. He married Sarah Whittaker. George was baptised 4 on 11 Jun 1749.

Sarah Whittaker 1.Sarah married George Ormerod.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Ormerod 1.
  F ii Sarah Ormerod
  F iii Charlotte Ormerod
  M iv George Ormerod
  F v Isabel Ormerod 1.

John Ormerod [Parents] 1 was born 2 about 1754. He died 3 in 1828 in Bankside, Rossendale, Lancashire, England. He married 4 Ann Lord in Aug 1788. John was baptised 5 on 16 Mar 1754. His occupation was described 6 as Mill Owner.

Ann Lord 1 was born before 1776. She married 2 John Ormerod in Aug 1788.

They had the following children:

  F i Ann Ormerod
  F ii Mary Ormerod 1.
  F iii Betty Ormerod 1.
  M iv Lawrence Ormerod
  M v George Ormerod
  M vi Henry Ormerod 1.
  F vii Harriet Ormerod
  M viii John Ormerod 1. His occupation was described 2 as Mill Owner.

? Whittaker 1.? married Mary Ormerod.

Mary Ormerod [Parents] 1 was born 2 after 1741. She married ? Whittaker.

Henry Hargreaves 1.Henry married 2 Alice Ormerod on 13 Aug 1753.

Alice Ormerod [Parents] 1 was born 2 before 1736. She married 3 Henry Hargreaves on 13 Aug 1753.

He had the following children:

  F i Living
  M ii Living


Mary Ormerod [Parents] 1.Mary married Living.

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