Vis-en-Artois Memorial


The Vis-en-Artois Memorial is situated on the straight main road from Arras to Cambrai about 10 kilometres south-east of Arras. The Memorial bears the names of 9,903 men who fell in the period from 8 August 1918 to the date of the Armistice in the Advance to Victory in Picardy and Artois, between the Somme and Loos, and who have no known grave. The middle part of the screen wall is concave and carries stone panels on which names are carved. It is 26 feet high flanked by pylons 70 feet high. The Stone of Remembrance stands exactly between the pylons and behind it, in the middle of the screen, is a group in relief representing St George and the Dragon. The flanking parts of the screen wall are also curved and carry stone panels carved with names. Each of them forms the back of a roofed colonnade; and at the far end of each is a small building.


(Henry Ormerod, of the Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment, died on 19 September 1918)



(Harry and John Alfred Waddington, of the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), died on 31 August 1918 and 5 September 1918 respectively)