Stalybridge War Memorial


Although previously part of Cheshire, Stalybridge has been in Tameside, Greater Manchester, since the 1974 county boundary change.

The war memorial at Stalybridge was unveiled on 6 November 1921, and was designed by a native of the town, F.V. Blundstone. It stands at one end of Victoria Bridge over the River Tame, and consists of pedestals of stone at each side of the bridge, supporting groups of bronze statuary, one group representing the Army and one the Navy. The total height of each pedestal is 18 ft and from each pedestal a 5 ft high wall curves away to end in a smaller pedestal surmounted by a lion.

The wing walls carry the names of the 628 men who gave their lives, their names being arranged in regiments.

The B. Ormerod whose name is commemorated on the war memorial actually refers to Bertie Ormrod, one of the Ormrod Family who moved from Cartmel to Stalybridge at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Further details about Bertie Ormerod can be found at Jill Bell's website at Please note that this will take you out of the Ormerod Family Website.

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B. Ormerod commemorated on the Stalybridge War Memorial