Jack Ormerod


Able Seaman D/JX 217058
H.M.S. President III

Jack Ormerod was an Able Seaman working on H.M.S. President III.

H.M.S. President III was the ship-name given to the establishment located at Dedworth Manor, near Windsor, and which was administered under strict naval discipline. This establishment was responsible for the pay, accounts and administration of the D.E.M.S. (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships) personnel worldwide, and was directly responsible to D.N.A. (The Director of Navy Accounts) at the Admiralty.

Jack died on 13 August 1942, though the circumstances of his death are not known. His name is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial (Panel 66, Column 1), as he has no known grave.

The Plymouth Naval Memorial
Jack's name commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial