Maurice Ormerod


Able Seaman D/JX 200569
H.M. Submarine Turbulent

Maurice was a submariner aboard H.M.S. Turbulent, and was the son of Harry and Jane Ormerod, of Barnoldswick, Yorkshire.

He died on 23 March 1943, aged 23, and has no known grave.

H.M.S. Turbulent was a Triton-class submarine of the 1st Submarine Flotilla which operated out of Alexandria.

She was launched on 12 March 1941, and had a successful career keeping the supply lines to Malta open and helping to sink over 90,000 tonnes of enemy shipping, most of which was destined for Rommel's Afrika Corps.

H.M.S. Turbulent sailed from Algiers on 23 February 1943 on her last patrol.

She attacked the escorted ship Vincenz on 1 March, and on 11 March she attacked the mail ship Mafalda.

The submarine was lost later that month off Maddalena, N.E. Sardinia, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, when she was depth charged by Italian M.A.S. (M.T.B.) escorts. All hands were lost.

Her Commanding Officer, Cdr John Wallace "Tubby" Linton D.S.O., D.S.C. was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his exploits in H.M.S. Turbulent during 1942 and Turbulent herself was awarded the battle honour Mediterranean 1942.

Maurice's name is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial (Panel 79, Column 2).

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H.M. Submarine Turbulent
The Plymouth Naval Memorial
Maurice's name commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial