Samuel Ormrod


Private 3065
1st Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

The Commonwealth War Graves Debt of Honour Register records that Samuel was the son of Mrs Ellen Ormrod, of 43 Cornwall St, Openshaw, Manchester.

In all Samuel's military records his name is recorded as Samuel Ormerod, rather than Ormrod.

Samuel died on 12 November 1914, whilst serving with the 1st Battalion, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, and he has no known grave.

His name is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres (Panel 43).

At the time of Samuel's death 1st Battalion, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, formed part of 2nd Brigade, 1st Division.

They had been stationed at Aldershot at the outbreak of war in August 1914, and had embarked for France as part of the initial British Expeditionary Force.

Their movements are described by Ray Westlake in British Battalions in France and Belgium 1914. The entries from the start of the war until the end of November 1914 are shown below.


Tournay Barracks, Aldershot. Part of 2nd Brigade, 1st Division. Entrained at Farnborough for Southampton (12th). Ambarked SS Agapenor and sailed for France. Officers - Lieutenant-Colonel G.C. Knight (Commanding Officer), Majors W.R. Lloyd, A. Burrows, Captains G.T. Body, R.H. Watson, H.L. Helme, A.W. Colley, L.T. Allason, B.J. Wakley, R. Howard-Vyse (Adjutant), W.C. Nimmo (RAMC, Medical Officer), Lieutenants E.J.W. Spread, G.H. Goldie, H.R. Loomes, J.G. Halsted, E.F. Cunningham, F. Robinson, R.C. Mason, J.G.W. Hyndson, E. Wilkinson (Quartermaster), Second-Lieutenants S.H. Batty-Smith, H.L.L. Knowles, N. Collins, W.R.L. Calow, C.E. Wallis, G.C. Kingsley. Arrived Havre (13th) and to rest camp. Entrained for Le Nouvion (14th). Arriving (15th) and marching to billets at Esquehéries. Advanced via Le Nouvion, Fontanelle and Floyon to Avesnes (20th). To Villers-sire-Nicole (22nd), Givry (23rd). Withdrew via Villers-sire-Nicole and Battignes to Feignies (24th), via Maubeuge to Marbaix (25th), Le Grand Fayt and Favril to Oisy (26th), Wassigny, Venerolles, Hannappée, Vadencourt and Noyale to Hauteville (27th), Lucy to Fressancourt (28th), to Anizy-le-Château (30th), via Soissons to Villers-Cotterêts (31st).


Continued retreat via Meaux and La Ferté, arriving Aulnoy (4th). To Bernay (5th). Began advance (6th), crossing the Marne at Nogent (9th). In reserve during the fighting around Priez (10th). Casualties - 3 other ranks killed, 2 officers, 24 other ranks wounded. Lieutenant-Colonel Knight mortally wounded by shrapnel. Moved forward to Coincy (11th), Paars (12th). Crossed the Aisne at Bourg (13th) then to billets at Moulins. Advanced to Vendresse (14th) then took part in attack on Troyon. Casualties - Major Lloyd, Captains Body, Watson, Helme, Howard-Vyse, Lieutenants Goldie, Loomes, Mason and Robinson killed or mortally wounded, 5 officers wounded, over 500 other ranks killed, wounded or missing, Colonel H.C. Wylly in his history of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment notes that many of the casualties were from "B" Company, 3 out of 5 officers and 175 out of 200 other ranks being lost. He also records that the positions held were - "tolerably quiet" (15th), the Battalion's trenches being just below the crest of the hill. Enemy attack repulsed (16th). Relieved by 1st East Yorkshire (19th) and via Vendresse moved into billets at Pargnan. Relieved 1st West Yorkshire in front line (25th).


Shell landed at door of Officers' Mess (7th) killing Captain Allason and Second-Lieutenant Calrow and wounding 2 others. Relieved by French troops (15th) and marched via Vendresse, Bourg and Longueville to Vauxcéré. Entrained at Fismes for Cassel (18th). Marched via Steenevoorde and Poperinghe to Boesinghe (20th) then forward via St Jean to Pilckem (22nd). Took part in attack (23rd), Battalion charging forward with 2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps and with fixed bayonets cleared the enemy from their trenches. Some 600 prisoners taken. Held gains until relieved by French troops during night (24th). Moved back through Pilckem to Ypres. Casualties - E.C. Miller and Second-Lieutenant Kingsley killed, 4 officers wounded, 178 other ranks killed, wounded or missing. Advanced through Hooge to Herenthage Château Wood (27th). Moved forward with 2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps during afternoon (29th). Came under heavy shell fire and attack held up just east of Gheluvelt. Dug in during night north of village. Line held under heavy shell fire throughout (30th). Withdrew to Hooge (31st) then advanced again 9 am. Took part in attack on enemy positions around Gheluvelt. Lieutenant Wilkinson killed. Colonel Wylly records that the assault was successful, a bayonet charge inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. He also notes considerable losses among the Battalion. Casualties uncertain, but estimated at approximately 8 officers and 400 other ranks. Relieved during night and to Hooge.


Captain H.F.B. Ryley killed (2nd), Major A.J. Carter, DSO, Captain J.F. Allen (4th). Relieved 1st Royal Berkshire in front line (7th). Came under attack (8th). Enemy gained come ground, but later reclaimed by counter-attack. Captains A.G.M. Slade and A.L. Prince killed. Relieved during night (9th) and to trenches near Hooge. Took part in counter attack near Nonne Bosschen (10th). Moving back into reserve after dusk. Relieved (14th) and to billets at Vlamertinghe. Later moved to Hazebrouck."

The War Diary of 1st Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, makes no mention of any casualties on 12 November 1914, but does record that a man was killed by a sniper on 10 November 1914, and 3 officers killed, and about 100 NCOs and men killed, wounded or missing on 8 November 1914 when they were attacked by the Germans near Hooge Chateau.

Samuel's name commemorated on the Menin Gate at Ypres