Ormerods in the Australian First World War Nominal Roll


The Nominal Roll at the Australian War Memorial records the names of Ormerods who served with Australian forces during the First World War.

Two of those named, James Edward Ormerod and George Booth Ormerod, were killed during the conflict.

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6381 Pte ORMEROD Albert 16th Battalion 19.9.16    
1597 Drv ORMEROD Albert Edward 1st A.D.M.T. Coy 17.9.14. R.T.A. 24.9.18.
6839 Cpl ORMEROD Egbert Quarterman 4th F.A.B. 31.7.15 R.T.A. 8.11.18
3861 Pte ORMEROD Eric Sedgwick 26th Battalion 6.9.15. R.T.A. 13.2.17.
264 Pte ORMEROD George Booth 8th L.H. Regt 29.12.14 K.I.A. 7.8.15.
1336 Pte ORMEROD James Edward 32nd Battalion 15.7.15. K.I.A. 30.9.17.
26507 Pte ORMEROD James Francis 3rd (Army) F.A.B. 5.4.16. R.T.A. 16.6.19.
4100 Pte ORMEROD John William 32nd Battalion 16.5.16. R.T.A. 8.4.18.
3601 Pte ORMEROD Percival Richard M.M. 49th Battalion 12.3.17. R.T.A. 12.7.19.
6107 Gnr ORMEROD Thomas William 3rd (Army) A.F.A. 30.9.15. R.T.A. 21.6.19.