Earliest Ormerods


Matthew de Homerodes

The earliest recorded Ormerod is Matthew de Homerodes, who was witness to a deed in 1270 (55 Henry III).


Gilbert, Adam & Tille

This Matthew is recorded as having three sons: Gilbert, Adam and Tille; and it is through Matthew and Gilbert that all Ormerods are believed to be descended.

There is some dispute as to whether Gilbert and Tille are actually one and the same person.

Whitaker's History of Whalley (4 ed.) claims that Tille should have been named Gilbert, and was one of three brothers, with Adam and Mokok. All are described as de Ormeroyde.

According to an inquest of 1311 both Tille (Gilbert?) and Adam are said to have held lands in Cliviger in socage from Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln.
Gilbert held 20 acres from the de Lacys according to the free tenants list of 1311. Adam held 8 acres at this time.

Gilbert was a witness to several deeds of the Stansfield family in 1306. (John Stansfield, 1885), and the Victoria County History of Lancashire states that a Gilbert de Ormerod, son of Matthew, was the witness of several deeds between 1301 and 1325.

Being a witness to deeds suggests that Matthew and Gilbert were of somewhat higher status than the average De Lacy tenants.


John of Ormerod

'John, son of Gilbert' is mentioned as a free tenant of the de Lacy tenants in 1311.
According to Milton Ormerod in The Ormerods this could be John of Ormerod who succeeded Gilbert some time after 1325.