Ormerod & Ormrod Surname Variants in the North West at the time of the 1881 Census


Though some of the Ormrods recorded in the 1881 Census are known to be the result of census enumerators simply missing out an 'e' from the spelling of Ormerod, there was already an important and significant branch of Ormrods by this time.

The majority of Ormrods were found in the South of Lancashire, in the areas around Bolton, Bury and Manchester.

One explanation for the number of Ormrods in this area can be found by going to the Ormrods page in the History Section of the website.


The map below shows locations where Ormerods, Ormrods, or both, were residing at the time of the 1881 Census.

A red circle represents an Ormerod location, and a yellow triangle represents an Ormrod location.

It can be seen that the Ormrods are mainly found in the area south of Rossendale.

The moors and high ground of Rossendale are located on this map immediately to the right of the word 'Lancashire'.