The Ormerod Family have been living in the Cliviger area of East Lancashire since the thirteenth century.

Information about the development of this family through the ages, Ormerod tales, and theories about the early origins of the family can be found by clicking on the links below.

Viking Origins

The De Lancaster Connection

Earliest Ormerods

The Plantagenet Link

Agnes Ormerod & Barnard Towneley - The Abduction of an Heiress

The Volunteer on a Man of War

The Fighting Cocks Inn

The Ormrods

The Ormerod Home, St Anne's-on-Sea

The Ormerod Bells

The Two World Wars

The Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre, Todmorden, Yorkshire

Ormerods around the British Isles


Ormerod First Names

Australian Ormerods


Ian, Ronald, Paul and Martin have been studying the history of our family for many years, and some of our research results are provided in two sections: Pedigree Charts and Genealogical Documents.